Why a Minuteman Post Driver vs. Other Installation Methods?

  • The short answer – It drives posts year-round, quickly, easily, safely, and economically. Saving you time and money.
  • No high cost of contracting the job, or waiting to get your project on their schedule.
  • Cut your post driving time (over manual methods) by 10-times; It’s safer and less taxing on your body.
  • There’s less cost, clean-up, and time required to drive posts vs. digging holes and cementing them.
  • Not sure you need a powered post driver – After a Minuteman purchase, you will:
    • Have saved money vs. hiring the project done.
    • Have saved money and time vs. digging holes and cementing each post.
    • Have saved time and prevented many aches, pains, and injuries vs. manually driving posts.
    • Become the cool tool guy with family and friends for their post projects.
  • Stop manually driving posts – Install them faster and safer with a Minuteman Driver.

Why Buy a Minuteman Post Driver vs. Other Post Driver Models?

  • Provided by a customer focused company, that’s designed and built post drivers since 1975, that will stand behind its products and your purchase.
  • Parts and service readily available – But probably not needed.
  • More dependable and drives faster than most.
  • Minuteman XL8’s rotating handle is there when you need it for tall posts, but folds for space-saving storage.
  • Best ROI of any Driver in its class:
    • Initial Driver cost, plus
    • Driver’s performance and time savings, plus
    • Driver’s dependability and long life, plus
    • No need to purchase an accessory handle kit.
With a MINUTEMAN Post Driver, there is:

No More Digging Holes and Cementing Posts

No need for a clamshell digger or auger – drives the post directly into all but the toughest soils.

No more torn up lawn from digging and relocating dirt.

No wasted time. Driving fence posts is 15-times faster than digging and setting posts in concrete.

No waiting for the concrete to dry – Typically 24 hours.

No concerns with driven posts – industry standards maintain that a post driven 4′ deep is as strong as a cemented post 3′ deep.

No more high level of physical labor required to digging and/or auguring holes, then mix and pour concrete.

No more unsightly, uneven fence line after years of frost movement. Cemented posts, below frost line, are still subject to frost heaving. A driven post resists heaving more than a cemented post due to a lower friction factor of post vs. cement, coupled by less surface area for the frozen ground to push against.

No additional material costs for cement, or the equipment required to mix the cement.

No More Injuries or Sore Muscles from Manual Installations

No more exhausting hours of pounding in posts with a pipe-hammer or sledge hammer. No more hand/finger injuries from fatigue and/or missed swings.

No More Ladders

The Minuteman 8XL (with built-in rotating extension handles) can install post up to 8 ft. high without a ladder.

Safely drive posts with two feet on the ground.

No More Dealing with High Cost Contractors

No paying a premium for materials and labor.

No longer relying on the Contractors schedule of when and where he works.


Typical Fencing Project - Compare Installation Options

Fencing Project: 200 feet (60 m) of chain-link fence (driving twenty, 7 foot (2 m) posts)

Your labor - with Minuteman Driver Your labor to Dig & Concrete Posts Hiring a local contractor
Fence Layout / Post Locations (Minutes) 30 30 30
Post Installation Minutes Per Post / 3" Deep 1.75 15 1.75
Travel Time & Setup between posts (Minutes) 0.75 0.75 0.75
Posts Installed 20 20 20
Total Time to Install (Minutes) 80 355 80
Total Time to Install (Hours) 1.3 5.9 1.3
Concrete Drying Time (Hours) 0 24 0
Installation of Fabric (Hours) 6 6 5
Site Clean-up / Dirt Disposal (Hours) 0 3 0
Estimated Project Time (Hours) 7.3 38.9 6.3
Safety No reported injuries associated with Drivers. Digging 20 holes below frost line requires a high level of physical fitness.

If using a powered auger, it's best to use 2 people for added safety.
Confirm contractor is properly insured.
Estimated Costs
Materials $1,100 $1,400 $1,265
Labor $0 $0 $2,500
Auger Rental (@$100/Day) $0 $200 $0
Post Driver $910 $0 $0
TOTAL $2,010 $1,600 $3,765
Misc. Notes Project completed effortlessly - Plus you now own the best fencing tool for your future projects, or requests from friends & family. Exhausting and time consuming. If not installed below the frostline, the posts will heave and become uneven in a few years. Properly driven posts resist heaving and are equally strong. Contractors typically juggle several projects - Yours could take weeks.